Rules for Events & Facility Rentals

The former home of the McGavock family is a wonderful venue for special events. We are delighted to offer you the use of the 1859 Italianate style mansion with 14 acres of beautiful lawn inside Two Rivers Park. Select a topic from the list below to access our policies.

Alcohol & Food Service

  • Alcoholic beverages may not be sold.
  • Food may not be served from the antique furniture.
  • No guest seating on the upper level.
  • No chocolate or drink fountains.
  • A bartender must serve all alcohol from a stationary bar, and must be present at all times. The bartender must be supplied from a catering company or professional bartending service.
  • No beer kegs are allowed
  • Champagne or other beverage fountains are not allowed.
  • Individual guests may not bring alcohol onto the premises, and may not leave the premises with poured beverages.
  • Alcohol may only be served during specified hours, not during setup time, clean up time or during the wedding rehearsal time.
  • The Metropolitan Government of Nashville, Metro Parks, and Two Rivers Mansion assumes no liability for the actions of individuals as a result of serving alcohol. The holder of the event is solely responsible for the actions of all guests.
  • We reserve the right to call for police assistance if necessary.

Hours of Operation

  • Rental times (6 hours) can start as early as 8:00am. All events must end at 11:00pm, leaving the last hour for clean up.
  • The Mansion is shown by appointments, please do not visit on weekends.

Tables, Chairs, & Benches

  • Tables & chairs are set for your event. Mansion’s tables and chairs are not to be used on the lawn. Floor plans cannot be changed, please do not move tables and chairs. No guest seating in the front foyer. Antique furniture may not be used for events. Rental chairs may not be used inside the Mansion. For safety, doors cannot be blocked by tables or chairs.
  • The Mansion’s tables and chairs may not be used outdoors. Rental chairs that have been used on the lawn may not be used inside the Mansion.
  • The benches are stored on the South side of the Mansion. The renter must set up and restack the benches. There are 30 and this gives guest seating for 100. Benches may not be used on the back verandah.

Rental Items & Outlets

  • Delivery and pickup of rental property must be discussed and approved. Two Rivers Mansion, Metro Parks and our staff are not responsible for rental items.  All items must be removed from inside the Mansion.
  • All tents must be supplied by, erected and removed by a commercial event company. All tents must be scheduled by the events manager.
  • An isolated circuit box is located on the South end of the verandah. There are no electric plug ins on the front porch, you will need to bring a 50 foot extension cord. The Gazebo has electric. Mansion’s outlets are all 2 prong, please bring adapters.

Ceremonies & Receptions

  • Our guest limit for weddings and receptions is 125.
    Indoor ceremonies are held in the double parlors. Seating is limited to 85 guests.
  • Outdoor ceremonies may be held on the front porch or Gazebo. Park benches are stacked on the South side of the Mansion for outdoor seating. Renter is responsible for setting up and re-stacking them after use. You are also welcome to use rental chairs.
  • The Mansion’s tables and chairs may not be used outdoors. Rental chairs that have been used on the lawn may not be used inside the Mansion.
  • The Bridal Suite is located on the upper level for the Bride. Smoking is not allowed in these rooms. All belongings and trash must be removed.
  • Throwing rice, birdseed, silk flower petals or confetti is prohibited. Additional hours, floor plans and rental balance must be confirmed 30 days in advance of your event.


  • We are not always able to grant a rehearsal time. When possible, we will give 1 hour the day before the wedding.
  • Rehearsal must be scheduled with the events manager 30 days in advance.


No parking in the back of Mansion, please leave this area clear for catering and other vendors. Handicapped parking is on the North side of the Mansion.  Lawn can be used upon request for guest overflow.


There is no smoking inside the Mansion or on the front porch. Ash trays are provided on the back verandah.

Music & Dancing

  • A piano is available inside the Mansion, it may not be moved. All outdoor music must end by 10:30pm.
  • To protect the Mansion there is no dancing inside the house. You are welcome to rent a dance floor for the lawn.


  • No decorations may be attached to the walls, woodwork or doors.
  • Antique furniture may not be moved.
  • No decorations on the mantle of “The Love Message” painting in the rear foyer.
  • Candles may be placed on guest tables
  • All decorations must be removed at the end of your rental time.
  • There is no access to the upper porches.
  • Antique urns on the front porch cannot be moved.
  • No sparklers allowed.
  • Please do not adjust window treatments.


  • It is your responsibility to inform everyone helping with your event of the policies. Two Rivers Mansion staff will put away tables and chairs.
  • Take away everything you brought to the Mansion.
  • Carry all trash from inside the house, back veranda and bar area to the dumpster. We do provide trash bags.
  • Remove all flowers, decorations and equipment.
  • Park benches must be re-stacked on the South side of the Mansion.
  •  In the kitchen area, all food must be removed from the refrigerator and the warming ovens. Floor must be swept and wet mopped. Please do not take oven trays out of the Mansion.
  • All rental equipment must be removed from the inside of the Mansion, please ask staff where to place items.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Two Rivers Mansion provides services without discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital, family, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran or citizenship status.

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